UKCloud Health Ramps Up for the Health and Social Care Network: the Next Step for a Secure Health Ecosystem

22nd January 2018 – With the legacy NHS National Network (N3) infrastructure having expired in March of this year, the Health and Social Care Network (HSCN) migration is well underway. As an organisation, we are proactively searching for health and social care organisations to partner with via the new network, which opened at the end of July. Examples of solution providers that we have on our radar include companies involved with Electronic Patient Records, Medical Imaging, and Internet of Things (IoT) based healthcare apps, in addition to NHS bodies and local and central government agencies, to name a few.

As our CEO, Simon Hansford said: “NHS Digital’s HSCN abides by the same principles we want to embody through our platform. Therefore, it is vital that we seek health and social care network suppliers to work with. The new platform is more efficient, cheaper and offers an extensively collaborative platform for health and social care organisations, which is a huge driving force derived from some of challenges the system is facing. What’s more, HSCN will enable customers to develop a more modern approach to tackling the escalating cyber security threats, relying more heavily on application providers to develop the security overlay, rather than relying on the network itself.”

The contracts we’re seeking to fill will cover our two flagship data centres, providing resilient, multi-gigabit HSCN connectivity, enabling health partners and customers to take advantage of the Enterprise, Cloud Native and Oracle clouds.

As one of the first N3 aggregators, our customers will continue to benefit from our UK sovereignty and ability to safely host Patient Identifiable Data (PID) on UK soil, whilst simultaneously gaining from our wealth of experience around PID assurance. Through our HSCN contracts, customers and partners can adhere to NHS Digital best practices, enabling them to accelerate the adoption of true cloud in health and social care.

As an organisation looking to the future of a paperless health and social care system, we aim to continue offering industry-leading expertise in healthcare. From protecting the privacy of Patient Identifiable Data to enabling safe collaboration across government networks, such as Janet and PSN, we are committed to collaboratively digitising and securing the health ecosystem. UKCloud Health is committed to supporting digital transformation across the healthcare sector.