UKCloud Health & HSCN Compliance

UKCloud Health completed the HSCN Connection Agreement in March 2017 and we are in the process of partnering with an NHS Digital-approved service provider who will support the installation of HSCN links into both UKCloud Health’s datacentres. Ultimately providing resilience and multi-gigabit connectivity to UKCloud Health’s suite of applicable services. UKCloud Health will support  each individual customer to ensure a seamless transition to the HSCN, with the aim to connect all customer workloads to the HSCN by March 2018.

UKCloud Health & N3 pedigree

UKCloud Health are proud to have the coveted position as the go-to cloud provider for secure health workloads within the UK. Customers have adopted UKCloud Health to benefit from an open, interoperable, UK sovereign public cloud platform, with the ability to host Personally Identifiable Data (PID) within England, and access to our wealth of experience in assurance and designing to NHS Digital best practices. All of which enable our customers and partners to accelerate the adoption of true cloud within the Health and Social Care sectors.

To continue to drive these best practices, UKCloud Health is working closely with NHS Digital to design the new assurance regime which will eventually replace the current N3 aggregation process. In the meantime, the current N3 application process must be followed for new and existing workloads that require annual re-accreditation.


Q. Will I need to procure my own HSCN link?
A. You will not have to procure your own links as UKCloud Health will be procuring HSCN connections on your behalf. UKCloud Health will provide you with HSCN IP addresses and a new virtual connection when you are ready to connect.

Q. Will the migration be disruptive?
A. UKCloud Health will endeavour to make the migration as seamless as possible. You may be able to have N3 and HSCN connectivity simultaneously to the same environment, so you can switch over during a maintenance window of your choice. UKCloud Health is also looking at the option of existing customers retaining their N3 IPs for HSCN and will communicate when this has been confirmed.

Q. Will I still be able to serve customers who only have N3 connectivity on their sites?
A. Yes, there are gateways between the N3 and HSCN that are managed by the service providers, enabling traffic to traverse the networks.

Q. How much will HSCN cost me from UKCloud Health?
A. HSCN will have price parity with N3 for G-Cloud 9. You can purchase a starter pack (250GB outbound data) and then a consumption-based model above 250GB outbound data. You will be allocated the same number of HSCN IP addresses you are currently consuming on N3, free of charge. Additional HSCN IP addresses will be charged on a per IP address basis.

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