UKCloud Health Fosters Digital Health Innovation

23 May 2018 – UKCloud Health today announced that it is celebrating the first anniversary of its launch by welcoming yet more top health tech brands to its cloud partner ecosystem. Healthcare software specialist Mayden becomes the latest significant health tech brand to migrate to UKCloud Health, joining sector leaders such as Activ8rlives, Advice Cloud, Apperta Foundation, Arctick, AT Tech, Babylon, Cap Gemini, Carelink, CCube Solutions, Cimar, Cinos Communications Services, Cloudhub 360, Code4Health, Contract Sentinel, Differentis, Digital Healthcare Management, Docman, Egton, Fujifilm, IMMJ Systems, IMS Maxims, Informatica Systems Ltd, Inidus, Intech for Business, iSite, Lincis, MDS Technologies, Microtest, MyLife Digital, Novastone, Open Medical, Our Mobile Health, Red Informatics Ltd, Regify, Riviam, Siemens Healthineers, Virtual Clinic Direct, and Wiggly-Amps as members of the UKCloud Health partner ecosystem.

UKCloud Health, which also has a large number of direct clients, including leading NHS trusts like The Devon Partnership NHS Trust and The Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS Foundation Trust as well as Genomics England, was launched as a separate division within UKCloud in May 2017. The launch of UKCloud Health built on UKClouds’ heritage in the UK Public Sector and on its track record of supporting an ecosystem of customers and partners to drive innovation and cloud adoption in order to support digital transformation. Since this launch, UKCloud Health has worked with its partners to accelerate innovation in the UK healthcare sector, providing new ways of delivering care, driving efficiency, enhancing patient services and sharing research data.

“While cloud offers a rapid route to cost effective computing services in an era of big data and multi-agency care collaboration, it also represents a significant change in the way that IT services have traditionally been delivered,” commented Simon Hansford, UKCloud Health CEO. “It is therefore essential that we work closely with our partners to assist our customers in their migration to the cloud, to address their concerns about data sovereignty and security, and to ensure that they enjoy excellent service and performance levels once in the cloud. Together with these partners we have achieved a great deal across the UK healthcare sector over the last year and we look forward to working even more closely with both our partners and customers to help enable digital transformation across the sector in order to continue enhancing efficiencies and improving patient outcomes.”

Customers have experienced significant benefits from the services that UKCloud Health and its partners provide. For example when Mayden migrated to UKCloud Health, its customers realised a three-fold performance boost, on top of which Mayden has benefitted from greater flexibility and resilience as it continues to innovate and support the delivery of psychological therapy services (see recent release).

Even before the formation of the UKCloud Health division, UKCloud already had a significant presence in the UK health and care sector. Genomics England which holds one of the largest health data sets in the country has been a long-standing customer. The rapid growth that UKCloud Health has seen in the last year has not only strengthened the ecosystem, but has provided enhanced value through ever-increasing data gravity. This is the benefit that health providers gain from being able to work closely together, to collaborate directly and to have shared access to large datasets.