UKCloud free IT resilience promotion – protect your critical workloads during this crisis

Organisations are increasingly dependent on IT infrastructure to support the effective delivery of always-on services to citizens and end users. This dependence has become even more apparent during the COVID-19 crisis, as organisations and citizens turn to remote and virtual working following social distancing measures.

From providing online triage services in healthcare through to web applications to help citizens interact with government services, all communities in the public sector have increased their usage of digital services. Alarmingly, many of these services are delivered from ageing and non-resilient IT environments, meaning the chance of failure or disruption is heightened. Now more than ever, continuity of service is paramount, and organisations cannot afford any IT disruption that impacts the delivery of critical services amid this current crisis. To support organisations and ensure digital resilience, UKCloud is offering free Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) up until 30th September 2020.

The promotion includes:


How can disaster strike?

Data loss can be caused by unplanned events such as natural disasters, power outages, hardware failure and user errors, but increasingly organisations are significantly impacted by software problems and cybersecurity related disasters. Just last month, EasyJet suffered a “highly sophisticated cyber-attack” demonstrating how organisations need to prepare for the worst. Since the rise of software-defined data centres (SDDC), more importance needs to be given to protecting workloads and data in the cloud across multiple deployment models; private, hybrid and public.


How can UKCloud help?

Our DRaaS service can reduce business risk and provide resilience for workloads regardless of where they are situated. We can help replicate and recover virtual machines running on VMware vSphere or Microsoft Hyper-V to UKCloud’s trusted, cost effective and secure government grade data centres. We can provide the digital resilience required for on-premises workloads or workloads running on a hyperscale platform. Our service is powered by Zerto and offers simple to consume VM-based replication enabling RPOs of seconds and RTOs of minutes for minimal downtime and data loss.



In addition to workload protection and peace of mind, organisations can:


How do I sign up for the promotion?

UKCloud are here to support organisations during COVID-19 by providing a free disaster recovery (DR) promotion that includes DR protection for up to 50 VMs, workshops, technical guidance and more until 31st December 2020.

We can be the DR destination for workloads that currently run on-premises or in another cloud provider.

To speak to a UKCloud public sector specialist about this promotion, please complete the form below.



How can I find out more?

Download the Zerto e-book to learn more about DR.

How can I find out more?