UKCloud Expands Support for Public Sector Clients and Partners with its Widest-Ever Range of Offering on G-Cloud 10

Published 3rd July 2018 in Press Releases

UKCloud offers a host of new and improved services on the G-Cloud framework, plus enhanced support for partners on its secure, UK-sovereign, multi-cloud infrastructure

3 July 2018 – UKCloud today announced its broadest ever range of services are now available on the latest iteration of the G-Cloud framework, G-Cloud 10. The updates, including many new and improved services will maximise choice and flexibility for UKCloud’s customers looking to enable digital transformation by migrating to a secure, UK sovereign, multi-cloud environment that meets the widest range of requirements.

“Our success with each iteration of the G-Cloud framework is built on a combination of innovation – with a range of new services each time, specialisation – building on our experience and expertise in meeting the real needs of the UK Public Sector, and value – offering more for less to enable our customers’ budgets to go further,” said Simon Hansford, CEO of UKCloud. “We are proud with G-Cloud 10 to be offering the widest range of services yet, to be working with more partners than ever, and to have been recognised as the ‘Best G-Cloud Provider’* yet again.”

With each G-Cloud iteration, UKCloud has committed to delivering more for less, with cost reductions across much of its service catalogue, enhanced performance options for many services, and flexible contractual arrangements for both customers and partners. Among the host of new and improved services from UKCloud on the new G-Cloud framework are:

The new services add further choice to one of the widest portfolios of true public multi-cloud services on the G-Cloud framework. The full list of services, including many existing services that have been enhanced and rebranded for the new version of the framework, is as follows: Multi-Cloud Backup Storage, Multi-Cloud for Central Government, Migration to the Cloud, Multi-Cloud for Tier 2 (UKCloudX), UKCloud for Microsoft Azure, Secure Remote Access, Private Cloud for Storage, Private Cloud for Oracle Software, Private Cloud for Compute, UKCloud for Oracle Software, UKCloud for VMware, End User Compute, Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS), Cross Domain Security Zone, Cloud Storage, UKCloud for OpenShift, UKCloud for OpenStack, High Performance Compute (HPC), Cloud GPU, Basic Managed VM, Email and Collaboration as a Service, Cloud Assessment Service, Cloud Migration Service, Cloud Optimisation Service, and Cloud Transformation Service.

The Best G-Cloud Service Provider

Success on G-Cloud is far from guaranteed. Service providers not only need to have understood the bid submission process, but also need have the right credentials in place to meet the very specific buyer requirements in each segment of the public sector market. As a specialist with real focus on this sector, UKCloud has enjoyed success with each G-Cloud cycle from the first iteration to the most recent one, G-Cloud 9. And over the years, UKCloud has helped hundreds of its partners successfully move onto the framework and win business on it by working with UKCloud. Indeed UKCloud’s G-Cloud credentials were recently recognized by the Cloud Industry Forum which named UKCloud as the “Best G-Cloud Provider” for the second year running it its 2018 UK Cloud Awards*.

Partnering with UKCloud can double partners’ chances of G-Cloud success

UKCloud is helping to make real transformation happen across the UK Public Sector by enabling its customers to move to the cloud, but also by supporting the thriving community of partners that it works with to serve these customers. Research shows that the vast majority of G-Cloud suppliers are still struggling to conduct any business through the framework, with 84 percent of firms on G-Cloud 9 had yet to win any business**. On the previous iteration of the framework, UKCloud has helped its partners to accelerate their presence on G-Cloud and generate greater revenues through the Digital Marketplace – succeeding in doubling their chances of success by partnering with UKCloud***. UKCloud’s team of experts can help partners quickly break into the UK Public Sector market, by helping to provide:

The combination of a range of solutions designed specifically for UK public sector requirements, together with exceptional compliance, service performance and support credentials as well as its multi-cloud expertise, confirm UKCloud’s unique position supporting public sector digital transformation and its customers who deliver critical services to citizens.

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Press Releases

UKCloud Expands Support for Public Sector Clients and Partners with its Widest-Ever Range of Offering on G-Cloud 10

UKCloud offers a host of new and improved services on the G-Cloud framework, plus enhanced support for partners on its secure, UK-sovereign,...
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