That was 2018, now for 2019 – let’s go!

It’s that time of year again – my usual annual reflection during the Christmas break where I eat and drink far too much, start planning on my latest middle-aged fitness challenge (not sure I can top last year’s marathon…) and reflect on my own life, personally and professionally.

Last year’s reflection and actions have all pretty much all been completed.   After 9 months of training, a friend and I ran a marathon, for the 1st and last time, raising nearly £3k for a local charity close to my heart (St. Gemma’s Hospice).  What a feeling of achievement! Now, I’m not built for running – but this reinforced that with the right determination, motivation and a little bit of craziness, you can achieve anything!  I’ll admit that, even on the day, I wasn’t sure I had it in me to finish, but when I hit 18 miles, I just knew that not finishing wasn’t an option. The difference our sponsorship would make to this invaluable service and with that, despite the constant rain, I enjoyed the last 8 miles and the pain became secondary.

My reflections also included the big personal career move …… “Should I stay or should I go….” which I sang to myself on a number of occasions.  Deciding that despite being in an advantageous position, I agreed with my alter-ego that the next exciting move should be pursued – this saw me joining UKCloud in November 2018 ( and although it’s still early days having only completed 8 weeks, I can say with confidence that I made the right move.  I say that because my new organisation allows me to remain in technology of which my entire career has been in,  enabling me to be at the forefront through its products, services and the impressive and growing partner eco-system, but just as importantly remain delivering in Health which I am confident will be a significant enabler in the digital transformation journey that is no longer an optional nice to have and that we are all proudly part of.

Since joining, I’ve been getting my head around a new company, new ways of working – it’s been truly liberating.  I’ve also shared the stage at a HIMMS leadership event,  TechUK Panel Discussion (both of which have had an impressive cast list and even more impressive audience), been part of a number of smaller more intimate round table events, written a couple of articles and done a couple of published press interviews, topped off with more prosecco, mulled wine and minces pies events than is healthy for a middle aged man trying to stay fit!

Many of these have been reflecting on the Secretary of States Future Vision of Healthcare paper.   There are many things to discuss on this positively received paper, I’ve said lots about it however my core message has been on “rising to the challenge and getting on with it” majoring on “creating the technology foundation to enable digital transformation…… “.
Not surprisingly, I’ve talked about the opportunities Cloud Computing brings to the debate, with two elements from our UKCloud portfolio we are bringing to the table around Data Centre Modernisation (with IaaS, PaaS, DRasS, Transition, etc – utilising our true Multi-Cloud Platform) and the move to Software as a Service (SaaS) with both legacy and newer entrants in the Health Tech market.

I truly believe that we (the collective of Health Tech Leaders) are on the cusp on something very special. We can and will support the improvement and sustainability of giving and receiving healthcare with the opportunities and capabilities available to us with digital technology and real transformation – not just polished versions of the same – ensuring the user (clinical, carer, patient or citizens) have easy access to the technology that will help them in their lives, work and well-being.

Cloud Computing is not new technology but, if used and implemented in the right way, can assist in driving efficiencies, enable services to work natively at scale and enable the back-office technology to no longer be the blocker in helping the front office work ….

With all this, I look forward with excitement to 2019

On a personal note, I have decided it’s back to being a MAMIL… I’ve got the bucket list marathon done now and I’ve missed my Lycra, my carbon-fibre road bike and cycling early on Sunday mornings in the Yorkshire countryside, rain or shine (usually shine of course because it’s mainly sunny and dry up ‘North!).

I’m also going to continue to do more in the charitable sector and look forward to getting as many people to join me in doing good in all things work and play.

Happy New Year!