Sustainable cloud services – are they part of the answer to mitigate increasing costs for UK business?

Sustainable cloud services – are they part of the answer to mitigate increasing costs for UK business?

As we see every day as consumers, there’s an increasing pull on our budgets. Cost-of-living increases are driving us all to look for efficiencies in our homes; everything from reducing insurance renewals through to turning the thermostat down a degree or two.

Likewise in business, we’re already beginning to see the indirect impact of increasing fuel costs on deliveries and in-time manufacturing, as well as on the cost of goods we buy. Whilst we may not immediately see the same impact on our digital businesses or the delivery of digital services, it’s becoming clear that they’re not immune. Data centres consume huge amounts of power and, coupled with the changing way we work following the pandemic, all business leaders are considering the same budgeting dilemmas as we’re all having to face in our own lives. More recently we’ve seen the likes of Sungard UK, a digital business managing and storing greater and greater amounts of data to drive the digital economy, entering into administration due to spiralling energy prices. UKCloud has ourselves been through a period of uncertainty, but we’ve learnt a lot through gaining the right support, ultimately leading to acquisition and growth into 2022

Increasingly, the digital industry and the UK’s future digital capability needs to be powered in a sustainable way and one way organisations still navigating their digital journey can drive greater efficiencies is through the adoption of sustainable cloud services. This removes the reliance of ion-premises data centres whilst providing the flexibility to deliver the most innovative tooling from anywhere – edge to hyperscale. The challenge is that 80% of organisations embarking on this journey will fail due to either cost or complexity.

UKCloud are a carbon neutral company and we’re committed to helping guide organisations through an increasingly complex digital world, drawing on our experience and expertise. We offer free consultations, daring organisations to compare their costs with those of properly deployed cloud services – which can be anywhere up to 40% cheaper.

Through the correct deployment and adoption of cloud, UK businesses can help mitigate some of the increasing costs they’re likely to incur over the coming years. And they can be secure in the knowledge that when those costs come down again, they have the best possible digital foundations to drive value from the data they have, enabling improved and more valuable customer outcomes.