Our Top 5 Blogs of 2017

As 2017 draws to a close, we wanted to take a look back at our most read blogs of the year. From women in STEM, to looking at global cloud domination – find out what our top articles of the year were.

Backend as a service – Driving business value

In this article we took a look at the evolution of Backend as a Service. In this series of 2 blog posts we cover how to drive business value by utilising ‘backend as a service’.

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Interviews with UKCloud’s women in STEM

At UKCloud we are dedicated to diversity in the workplace; we are proud to be the power behind UK public sector technology which is partly made able by a range of committed highly skilled women across the organisation. Read their stories in our comprehensive interview series.

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Part I – OpenShift: Deploying OpenShift with OpenShift Pipelines

UKCloud has been busy developing a new container platform to help the UK Public Sector focus development on driving value to their cause rather than managing infrastructure as code. The platform is based on Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform, which is a container orchestration platform that builds on the capabilities of Docker and Kubernetes.

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Defining a Multi-Cloud Strategy for UK Public Sector Workloads of All Kinds

Once there was a debate about whether we should move to the cloud or not. Nowadays there is little doubt that the future is cloud as the economic savings and transformational value that it provides are compelling. The debate now is how to move to the cloud, how quickly to do so and which workloads to move first.

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Sleep Walking to Oblivion: the potential local societal impact of global cloud domination

Much is made of the success of silicon roundabout and the thriving ecosystem of the start-ups in neighbouring Shoreditch. Few of the youngsters working there though will recall ICL, the company that was once the UK’s tech giant.  Ever since then the UK has produced the odd tech unicorn, like Psion or Autonomy, but otherwise the UK tech industry has largely been comprised of large foreign (mainly US) players and small local start-ups, many of which are bought up long before they become unicorns.

This model has worked well for decades, but the cloud is changing all of this.

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