Moving Oracle to the Cloud – Are Public Sector Organisations Prepared?

With an increasing number of organisations within the public sector utilising Oracle, there is a clear requirement for the system and the benefits it offers. But could there be a more cost effective, efficient way to utilise Oracle – and could cloud be the answer?

UKCloud recently looked to survey an audience within the UK, targeting those that specifically work within IT for the sector. Our aim was to discover if organisations are utilising Oracle within the cloud, what opportunities it brings and what potential blockers there could be that make organisations reluctant to move to the cloud.

Better performance (15%) and cost reduction (21%) lead the way in the main benefits of moving Oracle to the cloud. Increased agility (15%) similarly supported the reason that organisations are increasingly taking Oracle to the cloud, with the benefits of a cloud hosted Oracle service offering increased flexibility when compared to the standard “off the shelf” product.

It is, of course, no surprise that cost reduction is the top reason that organisations and users are looking to make the move to the cloud. Whilst Oracle is a tool that many would struggle to operate without, it can become very expensive particularly when utilised by a large number of users. Comparatively, by utilising a cloud operated Oracle service organisations can look to make substantial savings against their IT budgets – a positive whichever way it is looked at.

But whilst there are many, valid reasons that organisations are making the move across to the cloud there are naturally blockers too for those that are yet to make the change.

The biggest concern for these organisations was the potential cost of migration (22%), so whilst the highest ranking benefit of moving Oracle to the cloud was the cost savings, there are concerns about the associated costs to get there. This is, however, countered by a 35% response from organisations that had no issues or concerns about moving Oracle to the cloud – suggesting that this is something that they are looking to move towards, with perhaps only internal barriers blocking the change.

Another blocker for organisations is the concern about the integration with other systems (18%). Naturally if organisations are utilising on premise Oracle they are reassured that the systems work and operate with the other systems that they may require. There is therefore always going to be a concern that moving Oracle over the cloud could disrupt this harmony, and cause potential issues. This needn’t be a concern, and is certainly a fear that can be alleviated.

Overall from the industry research undertaken by UKCloud, it is clear that organisations within the public sector are either in the process of moving Oracle to the cloud or are interested in taking a look at this as a potential option. The benefits that Oracle can provide when hosted and running from the cloud are vast and cost savings are certainly a clear benefit that already organisations are enjoying.

Enabling true cloud, by offering bespoke VMs and ensuring that organisations aren’t tied down to specific sizes, by providing the full Oracle product with a UKCloud wrapper there is also the benefit of a holistic approach – keeping everything under one roof, with one provider.

Organisations may look to either migrate their entire Oracle solution to the cloud, as existing hardware is due for renewal and a cloud-based model offers significant savings and flexibility. Alternatively, there are organisations that may wish to maintain their existing infrastructure, but utilise a cloud-based model for extending their resources with a view to migrate the original workloads at a later date when the hardware requires replacing. This would also allow them to test the cloud-based platform and become comfortable with any changes on process.

Whichever option your organisation is interested in utilising, UKCloud can assist. Find out more.