Featured Partner: Spectra Analytics

Featured Partner:  Spectra Analytics

Spectra Analytics is a Data Science and Artificial Intelligence consultancy that enables companies to unlock the power of their data.

Spectra was established out of the University of Warwick in 2014 and boasts a team of highly skilled PhD data scientists. They enable businesses to extract value from their data by applying state-of-the-art statistics and Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning. They offer companies a low-cost alternative to building their own data science capabilities.

Their unique blend of analytics, software development and business intelligence has seen them develop a loyal client base and win funding awards from the European Commission and InnovateUK.

Spectra work across a wide range of industries but a main focus is on Healthcare. Having joined the UKCloud Health Partner Network over a year ago they have been actively engaging with partners to expand their capabilities and  increase their sophistication in the analytics space.

“Joining the UKCloud Health Partner Network has been a great opportunity. Not only has it enabled us to develop relationships with leading digital health technology companies, it has also helped us develop our solutions on a platform where patient privacy and security is utmost.”  Dr Marcus Ong, CEO, Spectra Analytics.

Spectra are also developing some of their own AI-based products they believe can help positively transform health care delivery and patient experience. Among their collaborators to help them realise this vision are the University of Manchester and NHS Salford Clinical Commissioning Group.

“There are many opportunities for AI to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of health care. Collaborating with Spectra to develop AI-driven products is incredibly exciting, and could lead to massive benefits for both individual patients and the wider NHS”.  Dr Ben Brown, GP and Informatician, the University of Manchester.

For further information please contact Dr Marcus Ong (CEO) at info@spectraanalytics.com

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