Digital Transformation requires collaboration

Published 26th July 2019 in Blogs

As a provider of cloud services into the UK Public Sector, UKCloud recognises the many and varied IT challenges faced by organisations wanting to adopt cloud. For digital transformation to happen across the Public Sector landscape, it requires collaboration across suppliers, partners and, of course, the Public Sector.

At the events that I’ve attended in the past, what I’ve enjoyed most is seeing our customers and partners sharing their stories and talking about the improvements they are making to IT services. Clearly, it’s not always plain sailing and actually moving applications (particularly legacy) to the cloud is not easy. Coupled with uncertainty and other priorities, cloud adoption is difficult. However, sharing stories and ideas helps improve the situation and progresses digital transformation as we learn from each other. The newly launched UKCloud Community site facilitates this type of discussion online, meaning that the conversation doesn’t have to stop at the end of the event!

Anyone helping to enable digital transformation in the UK Public Sector is welcome to join the community. UKCloud are committed to providing members with access to regular blogs written by our multi-cloud experts and we encourage guest blogs from our community members as well. Once signed up, members can interact with content and ask questions to the author. As I mentioned earlier in this blog, UKCloud recognises that Public Sector organisations have different IT challenges and the only way to overcome these is by providing a suite of products and services that help solve them. To achieve this, the community site also enables members to submit their own suggestions on features, products and services. The ideas forum is a huge part of the UKCloud community and helps shape our future product development and make products that meet the needs of our customers. The UKCloud team also regularly set interesting challenges in the form of questions to the community to prompt members for ideas on specific topics. For example, at the moment we have a challenge looking to seek ideas on backup and disaster recovery (DR) as we look to extend our DR capabilities.



A community works best when members contribute to the discussion and the Postssection is where these discussions take place. Members can share posts to ask questions, raise a current IT challenge or simply share a recent success story. The real benefit though is when other members respond to these posts in the comments by answering questions or providing additional thoughts. I’m pleased to see the number of questions and thoughts that have been posted in the community already and look forward to even more discussion and engagement in the future.

The community also welcomes partners into the discussion and provides the Find a partner page where they can talk about the services they offer. This then acts as a vehicle for customers to reach out to partners and, collaboratively, the community can work on creating comprehensive solutions. If you’re a partner wanting to be listed on this page, contact your partner manager. Within the Partner Resources section of the community, partners can also quickly access documents and articles to help them develop compelling bids and can also let other partners in the community know about useful articles by up-voting them. There is a handy search feature for even quicker access to popular documentation.



I’d also like to mention how Themes work in the community. In my opinion this really helps members customise and personalise the community for their own particular interests. Themes are popular topics, which members can choose to follow. Current themes on the community include Big Data AnalyticsArtificial Intelligence and Cyber Security. By choosing to follow themes, members can receive notifications whenever blogs and posts are added to those themes, ensuring that they never miss out on the topics that matter most to them.

Finally, communities rarely exist purely online; face-to-face interaction can never be replaced, so on the site, members can see a list of upcoming events so they can choose to meet up in person. We’re currently working on our next ‘Meet the Team’ event to be hosted in Leeds. Details of events will be shared first in the community.

Hopefully, after reading this blog you can see how the UKCloud Community will be a great resource for your transformation journey. It’s a fantastic way to network and together we can make digital transformation happen across the UK Public Sector. Join now to start sharing, collaborating and learning!


Our expert author

Vrush Sumanoharan

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