Breaking The Bias

It has been very tough for me as a woman in STEM. For the last 10 years, I have had to work hard and put in a lot of extra hours to compete with the males that outnumbered me. However, it is my perception that the workplace has recently improved considerably for women in STEM. Previously many women in my position chose career paths outside of STEM due to the lack of encouragement and sponsorship from the wider Senior Management teams. When I left college, I wasn’t given the encouragement or direction to go into what I saw then as male dominated roles. This perception stayed with me for a good 10+ years and really has only changed within the last five years where I have seen more women entering the workplace in technical roles.

Since joining UKCloud I have seen a huge shift in the way the work force is recruited. There are more opportunities internally and encouragement from senior management for women to move into STEM roles. Over the years I have worked for several companies but since joining UKCloud I have found it to be a very unique experience. UKCloud has so many amazing women who collaborate across our business working together towards gender equality. This enables us to bring together a diverse range of people who can deliver great services as one team. My average day at UKCloud can vary – I am an early morning person, so I like to get into the office whilst it is quiet, and I can deal with any Change related activity that has taken place overnight and review the previous days Changes in readiness for a new and exciting day. I am responsible for the ownership and implementation of the ITIL based Change Management Process.

I love my work; my colleagues and peers make a huge difference to my day as they make it fun and exciting and not forgetting the continued support and encouragement to succeed every day.
I would recommend UKCloud to any woman considering a career in STEM.

Interested in learning more as part of International Women’s Day? TechUK hosted an #IWD2022 podcast where they explored how to #BreakTheBias and support tech firms’ gender inclusive policies.