Assessing the Real Price and Value of Cloud Providers

In Lady Windermere’s Fan, Oscar Wilde had Lord Darlington quip that a cynic was ‘a man who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing’. In cloud computing we might all be judged as cynics, as pricing is often presented to us by cloud providers, in a way that almost obscures any understanding of the underlying value.

Let me help here by explaining the two main approaches to cloud pricing:

Honey-pot pricing model – careful you don’t get stuck!

Some pricing strategies rely on having the lowest prices, or perceived lowest prices, for a given product or service to provide encouragement for customers to come through your door. Profits are then made by enticing consumers to make further purchases of more profitable goods and services. Tactic are also often employed to lock you into these more profitable goods and services in order to offset the cost of the initial inducement.

Things to look out for:

What this looks like:

In the real world, what does this mean?

Here at UKCloud we very much adopt the second pricing model. Our commitments to open standards and to client satisfaction are legend. We truly believe that we ‘compete on price, win on value’. Click here to take a look at our price savings.

Once you focus on real world requirements and include the ‘add-ons’ that aren’t always made obvious by others, a competitive pricing analysis shows that we are clearly competitive with the likes of AWS and Azure and in many cases, we are clearly considerably cheaper than the global generalists.

As a specialist that only focuses on the UK Public Sector we are also able to beat our global rivals on value:

  1. Specialisation: specialists that understand the way that their clients operate by focussing on what they need, and can deliver truly excellent service are always going to win against global generalists – as we have been able to do in cloud services for the UK Public Sector.
  1. Value Networks: not only are we specialists in our market, but we also work with an ecosystem of 250 partners that are also specialists in the markets we serve. Together we are able to come together on any client engagement to form a dream team of best of breed specialists that directly meets the client’s needs.
  1. Client value: while we provide a set of truly excellent technologies and an award-winning platform, it is always important to focus on customer needs over technology. In addition to being maniacal about customer service, we are continually refining our platform in response to client needs, and then there is the extra innovation on our platform which comes directly from our ecosystem of partners and the applications and services that we host.

With the G-Cloud framework the government has provided the pitch ‘the level playing field on which was can all play’ and we provide the dream team ‘the best of breed specialists – each at the top of their game – that come together and work as a team to deliver the result that our clients need’.