Privacy first: Healthcare digital transformation

In late April 2017 (shortly before the NHS was hit by the global ransomware attack) UKCloud Health commissioned an extensive survey with ComRes into the general public’s stance on data protection, surveying over 2,000 British adults. The research aimed to help identify the level of concern within the British public in regard to whether their personal data and personally identifiable data were being adequately protected by companies and public service organisations.

It found that 75 percent of respondents said they were concerned about the protection of their personal data – such as financial, tax and criminal records – and 72 percent said they were concerned about the protection of their personally identifiable data, including their date of birth or address. 65 percent also stated that they were concerned about whether their health records, such as medical history or social care records, are protected by companies and public services. The survey was conducted before the recent ransomware attack on the NHS and other organisations worldwide.

The survey also showed that the British public would rather that organisations keep their personal data in the UK, with 82 percent of British adults stating that the Government should seek their permission before storing and processing their personal data with non-UK businesses.

What’s more, the survey revealed that 55 percent of British adults think that the UK Government should prioritise working with UK businesses if the price and service is comparable with non-UK businesses. 20 percent of adults said that the Government should always work with UK businesses, regardless of price and service.

Further details are available in the press release and report that you can download. Click the ‘Download report’ button at the top of the page.