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Six Big Questions about Government Transformation

Under the leadership of Frances Maude in the Cabinet Office, there was a drive to reduce costs, digitise more and harness the cloud to deliver¬† ambitions of cost reduction and the adoption of the Cloud First policy. Culturally public sector organisations have a deep, embedded resistance to change. Because of this, a set of exemplar projects were used to demonstrate how large, paper based transactional processes could be digitised, enabling users to ‘self serve’ as required.

Iain Patterson’s goal was to deliver benefits for civil servants and the ability to implement changes faster and at lower cost. In this blog series, UKCloud asks Patterson Six Big Questions about Government Transformation:

  • Question 1 – Have we learned from the mistakes of the past?
  • Question 2 – Is public cloud the answer to everything?
  • Question 3 – Do we have a data problem?
  • Question 4 – Do we need a single architecture for the infrastructure of the future?
  • Question 5 – Are we harnessing the value of SMEs?
  • Question 6 – Where do we go next?

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