Our Frameworks

UKCloud is focused on working with public sector organisations and partners who support the public sector – helping them to gain value from the agility and cost savings of using a sovereign, assured cloud platform.

We deliver UK sovereign services that are easy to adopt, easy to use and easy to leave, with genuine pay by the hour consumption models.

UKCloud is the most connected cloud provider to secure government networks; it is a certified Public Services Network (PSN) service provider, and delivers assurance services and connectivity via the Health and Social Care Network (HSCN).

Our full range of services are optimised for OFFICIAL and fully aligned to the 14 NCSC Cloud Security Principles. Our services are available via the G-Cloud framework and Technology Services 2 (TS2) framework.

G-Cloud Framework

The G-Cloud framework has been live since 2012 and allows UK Public Sector organisations to search over 30,000 services listings for hosting, software and support services from any one of the 4,200 suppliers. So far, over £6bn has been spent through this framework. The benefit of G-Cloud is that it allows public sector buyers to source innovative services quickly, at low cost, and in full compliance with procurement regulations. The framework is available via the Digital Marketplace, and UKCloud currently has 53 individual services available under Cloud Hosting, Cloud Software and Cloud Support.

We have won a number of high-profile contracts via the framework across central government, local authorities, healthcare, defence, education, blue-light and not for profit organisations. Examples of just some of the organisations we work with include the Cabinet Office, DVLA, Home Office, HMRC and MOD.

Technology Services 2 (TS2) Framework

This framework offers public sector buyers a wide range of options, with a clear mission statement;

“To be the preferred customer route to market for sourcing Technology Services and Transformational Support, in line with Government policy and strategy.

Providing the right supplier market for our customers and a healthy pipeline of opportunity for our suppliers.

Offering flexible routes to market, whilst ensuring ‘value for money’ for our customers”

It operates under 4 Lots;

With an estimated Forecast spend of £2bn – £3bn within the framework and delivering an estimated £180m savings to the tax payer, other benefits include;

For further information please see the TS2 website.

Differences between TS2 and G-Cloud

G-Cloud is ideal for customers who wish to choose from pre-set services with defined pricing, product details, terms and conditions, features and functionality. All customers can receive the same pricing and largely similar contractual terms.

Unlike G-Cloud, TS2 is tailored to each customer based on their specific requirements. They may require customised features and functionality, pricing and contract commitments in line with the solutions they require.

Data and Application Solutions Framework

The Data and Application Solutions (DAS) Framework went live in January 2019, and allows public sector organisations to buy a range of cloud, hybrid and on-premises software and hardware solutions in one purchase. It’s split into 14 lots across five groups, including enterprise applications, local government, health and social care, police and emergency services, and education. All lots are available to all public sector customers.

UKCloud are one of only six SMEs to have been awarded a coveted position on Lot1d of the DAS framework to provide software and professional services to deliver data-driven business outcomes.  The framework enables UKCloud to more easily deliver data and application solutions, combined with its diverse partner community, to ultimately provide software and services that help public sector organisations achieve innovative outcomes.

Scottish Government’s Cloud Services Framework

The Scottish Government’s Cloud Services Framework has an estimated value of £30m and runs for at least two years from 2019. It will underpin the Scottish Government’s data hosting and data centre strategy, which sets the vision that Scotland’s public sector data hosting is cost-effective, carbon neutral and makes appropriate use of cloud technology, for the delivery of efficient and highly available ICT services.

UKCloud has won approval to provide multi-cloud solutions via the Scottish Government’s Cloud Services Framework. This provides prospective customers with another approved route to engage our expert services and our secure cloud platform.

YPO for Data Centres, Maintenance, Security and Cloud Hosting Services framework

YPO is the largest public sector buying organisation in the UK. Fully owned by 13 local government member authorities, YPO has also established formal relationships with a further 68 organisations. It has an annual turnover in excess of £800 million, and has helped drive public sector efficiency savings through its bulk buying power.

UKCloud is one of 10 approved suppliers of Cloud Hosting (Lot 5) able to provide multi-cloud hosting and management across public cloud, private cloud and hybrid cloud services

YPO for provision of Technology Hardware and Software Services Framework

The YPO framework for provision of Technology Hardware and Software Services Framework has a potential value of £200m and a maximum duration of 4 years. UKCloud is an approved supplier on Software (Lot 2), XAAS (Anything as a Service) (Lot 4), Technology Operational Services (Lot 6) and Service Design, Supply and Implementation (Lot 7).

This wide-ranging framework complements Data Centres, Maintenance, Security and Cloud Hosting Services framework; which UKCloud also won a place on.

NHS Shared Business Services Cloud Solutions framework

The new NHS Shared Business Services Cloud Solutions framework is fantastic news for the NHS, Local Authorities, the police and educational establishments as it gives buyers easy access to quality cloud services and solutions that are OJEU compliant.

UKCloud Health have been chosen as one of the 10 cloud providers awarded a place on all 4 lots of the new NHS Shared Business Services Cloud Solutions Framework.

Digital Outcomes and Specialists 4 Framework

The Digital Outcomes and Specialists (DOS) 4 Framework has been live since October 1st 2019. DOS4 provides digital specialists and teams to customers from all areas of the Public Sector, offering a streamlined procurement channel. DOS4 allows UKCloud to help shape customers digital strategies and support them on their digital journey.

This gives UKCloud access to a framework through which customers have already procured nearly £1.5bn of digital consultancy to date. Part of the Digital Marketplace alongside GCloud, DOS4 allows customers to procure specialists individually or in teams for digital projects simply by searching the DOS4 portal.