Our Green Credentials

Our approach to sustainability and environmental responsibility is directed by a clear strategy, which is embedded within our organisation. Most of our activities have been assessed as having a minimal effect upon the environment, however where they do, we are committed to act responsibly and fully address this impact.

UKCloud’s services are CarbonNeutral® cloud services. We achieved this certification by working with Natural Capital Partners to measure and reduce our CO2 emissions across all sources used to deliver our cloud services to our customers. These include direct emissions from all owned or leased stationary sources that use fossil fuels and/or emit fugitive emissions, and emissions from the generation of purchased electricity and steam (including transmission and distribution losses) to power our servers.

For our cloud services to achieve CarbonNeutral® status, an independent assessment of the CO2 emissions produced from direct and indirect sources required to deliver them was carried out, followed by an offset-inclusive emissions reduction programme.

This means that for every tonne of greenhouse gas emissions we produce in delivering cloud services, we buy a verified carbon offset which guarantees that an equivalent amount of greenhouse gas emissions is reduced from the atmosphere through a renewable energy or clean technology project.

Monthly carbon offset certificates
Our customers receive a monthly carbon offset certificate. This confirms that an independent greenhouse gas assessment has been conducted, and that the carbon emissions which have resulted from their consumption of cloud services have been reduced to net zero by us through verified, high-quality carbon credits, at no extra cost to the customer.