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We recognise you’re required to deliver a better service for a lower budgetary spend. You need access to the very best data storage, analysis and collaborative technology to remain at the forefront of innovation and research. Cloud can support the cost-effective and accelerated deployment of technology that can underpin new ways to learn, teach and research. Changes to traditional ICT models and the introduction of new technology can help you release savings, support collaboration between institutions and enable the successful introduction of shared services.

We can support improved analytical services, secure research collaboration and the sharing of data processing pipelines. Our cloud services will keep data safe and available, leaving you to you focus on reducing the MTTR. Within education, we can help you deliver the ICT that successfully supports your institutional strategy, delivering the agility and innovation that will drive service enhancements, improve engagement with students and accelerate the deployment of new applications.

UKCloud’s assured cloud services are designed specifically for the UK public sector and offer:




UKCloud is the most connected cloud provider to secure government networks we’re a certified PSN service provider, connected to Janet and the RLI plus we have been awarded aggregator status for the N3 network.


A proven platform:

Delivering service to a number of research organisations such as Genomics England and North Thames Genomic Medicine Centre.



Protecting sensitive research and student data, our services are suitable for all data at OFFICIAL (including OFFICIAL-SENSITIVE).



Cost efficiency:

Simple hourly charges, pay only for what you use.


Greener cloud:

Our services are CarbonNeutral ® Cloud Services and we also have CarbonNeutral ® Company status.


We’re already working with a number of research organisations and education departments to deliver services that are underpinned by our cloud services. Our platform is being used to broaden the breadth of research, improve analytics and accelerate research outcomes.

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There’s no safer environment for your data. No better platform for your progress.

Case Studies


Genomics England

Secure, resilient storage for 100,000 genomes in the cloud