Helping the UK Public Sector improve their security posture.

Data Governance Papers

The UKCloud Data Governance Papers are designed to demonstrate our skills and knowledge within each sector, in relation to governance and compliance and overall to help UK public sector organisations improve their security posture.

Data Governance in the Healthcare Sector

We have developed and implemented a comprehensive information security and data protection framework which provides our healthcare customers and partners with credible assurance material.

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Data Governance in the UK Public Sector

UKCloud is helping the UK Public Sector and our ecosystem of expert technology partners to embrace technical innovation and best practice, and improve their organisation’s security posture.

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Data Governance in Police and Justice

For Police Forces, the confidentiality, integrity and availability of their sensitive datasets is essential. UKCloud helps to protect the UK population with essential and time-critical activities.

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Data Governance in Defence

UKCloud supports a growing portfolio of defence related activities which are helping our Armed Forces to protect the UK and its interests, by delivering secure, connected services quickly and efficiently.

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