Customer Experience

Our Commitment to you

At UKCloud we are committed to delivering the best service possible to all of our customers, which is why we promise to be innovative, responsive and supportive at all times.

We are UKCloud, and we are committed to:

1. Helping you understand how to get the best from all of our cloud services

2. Taking ownership if things go wrong, and keep you in the picture at every stage of resolution

3. Engage with you warmly, openly and honestly

4. Listen to, and be genuinely interested in, your feedback and suggestions

5. The ongoing delivery of our market-leading services to you at the lowest possible prices.

Focused on the UK Public Sector and structured around assurance, process compliance and service delivery, UKCloud has a dedicated, focused team. They are all experienced in the understanding of our client’s needs and driving the delivery and on boarding of services and solutions so you get the best experience possible. The delivery model we use is broken down in to four core areas:

  • Cloud Deployment
  • Cloud Delivery
  • Cloud Support
  • Cloud Evolution

Our team is your team

Our Customer Service teams act as advisors to provide high quality advice to ensure satisfaction and strengthen customer relationships and remediate customer issues. Or teams have the technical capability to answer questions on the service, give advice on technology integration and lead service optimisation activities for customers. This is all part of our commitment to offering the best possible customer service.


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