Cloud Native Application Platform


UK Public sector organisations have IT requirements that are evolving. Techniques such as containerisation, continuous integration and infrastructure-as-code have significantly increased the pace and agility of modern development teams. Correct deployment of these techniques can enable deployment of new features many times a day, so that business value is achieved in the shortest time possible.

As a result, UKCloud recognise that there is a need for a fully optimised Platform as a Service offering which enables Developers to push applications straight to the cloud all without having to concern themselves with the management, support and configuration of underlying infrastructure.

UKCloud’s Cloud Native Application Platform provides operational teams the ability to modernise applications, deliver new services, and accelerate development processes, all with the aim of reducing operating costs and driving innovation.

Cloud Native Application Platform gives you significant features and benefits such as:

check Open source check Avoid lock-in to propriety platforms, not tied to the technology or business roadmap of a specific vendor
check Application portability check Build and run applications within local physical or virtual environments with full portability to and from UKCloud
check On demand and self-service check Quickly and easily create applications and environments programmatically or via the dashboard as you need it
check Wide choice of development tools check Direct access to a rich set of command-line tools, a multi-device web console and Eclipse based integrated development environments
check Collaboration at scale check Work closely using containers on a single platform with the ability to deploy thousands of instances across hundreds of nodes in a matter of seconds

Reasons for Platform as a Service adoption include:

Application Development Teams

Provides you with an optimal platform for provisioning, building, and deploying applications on a self-service basis. Built in automated workflows makes it easy to get source code from version control systems into ready-to-run docker-formated container images. The platform integrates with continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) tools.

For IT Operations

A secure, enterprise-grade container/microservices management platform provides you with policy-based control and automation for applications. Security features prevent tenants from compromising other applications or the underlying host.

Rapid repeatable deployments

The solution provides you with a consistent and reliable platform that can be duplicated across multiple customers or instances achieving repeatable application delivery.

Scalable platform for varied demand

A platform able to flex capacity and resources in line with demand. Applications scale horizontally faster, dealing with spikes in customer demand, ensuring the highest level of application availability.



UKCloud’s Cloud Native Application Platform provides you with a public cloud target for all your digital, cloud native workloads. This enables you to fully harness the business benefits cloud solutions provide all built upon a secure cloud platform which is connected to PSN and N3/HSCN communities, suitable for OFFICIAL workloads and is 100% UK sovereign. Cloud Foundry is a trademark of the Foundation in the United States and other countries.