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Cloud Storage Gateways

Expose UKCloud Cloud Storage as file systems using tools such as GeoDrive 2.0 and


IT organisations currently face a seemingly contradictory charter: reduce costs,
maintain existing infrastructure, and ensure recovery in the event of a disaster,
all while scaling storage capacities to meet organisation initiatives.


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GeoDrive 2.0

GeoDrive 2.0 is a free application that runs on Windows and Windows Server, exposing UKCloud Storage as a file system.

Backed by the opensource community

Opensource, so features are constantly being developed. Backed by the values of a crowdsourced community as well as UKCloud.

Live Compression

GeoDrive 2.0 compresses files of all sizes in order to save on UKCloud Cloud Storage costs.

Native Windows Integration

Integration with native Windows monitoring system GeoDrive 2.0, ensures easy monitoring and compatibility. All metrics can be monitored with the pre-existing Windows tools without the need to install further applications.

Built in load balancing

Load balancing increases flexibility which scales with your needs while reducing downtime, all while maintaining peak performance.

Native S3 Versioning

Allows user to recover files deleted or overwritten using Windows Explorer. Configurable via GeoDrive 2.0 user interface

For more information: GeoDrive 2.0 Knowledge Centre Article

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CloudArray is a fully integrated appliance which uses UKCloud Cloud Storage and exposes it as a network share.

Secure 256-bit Encryption

Encryption of data and rest and in transit using the 256-bit encryption standard, ensuring the protection of your data.

Native S3 Api

Use hundreds of existing S3 compatible applications. Integrate with existing native and virtualised enterprise applications, with no change to the application or stack.

Advanced Deduplication

Through ‘intelligent’ syncing, deduplication means reducing storage costs and bandwidth and when syncing unmodified files.

Cloud Cluster Support

Reduces the risk of not being able to access data stored in UKCloud Cloud Storage.

High speed local caching

Quickly access your most frequently used files from the local cache, while leveraging the benefits of cloud storage.

For more information: CloudArray Knowledge Centre Article

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