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You design applications that are native to the cloud. Rather than merely migrating to the cloud, your applications expect the agility, elasticity and programmatic control inherently offered by cloud platforms. You design them to scale out horizontally and to anticipate, as well as tolerate, component failures. We offer the platform for you to develop and host those applications.

Our platform offers native support for your applications. As a genuine hyperscale platform, you’ll have access to open standard APIs that are supported by your favourite infrastructure-as-code tools. But unlike other clouds, you can choose from different security levels – either environments connected to the internet or those natively connected to government community networks such as PSN, RLI, Janet and N3.

Our Cloud Native Infrastructure is powered by OpenStack, the leading open-source cloud platform that provides a ubiquitous, yet non-proprietary, alternative to AWS and Azure. Indeed, our Cloud Native Infrastructure can be used alongside other hyperscale platforms or other UKCloud platforms such as Enterprise Compute Cloud which is based on VMware technology for maximum compatibility for enterprise components that you may need to interface with. Both provide the same security and assurance benefits synonymous with UKCloud. And together you can use them to support your hybrid and multi-cloud strategies.

Cloud Native Infrastructure enables seamless, automated deployment and control of services using your existing continuous integration and continuous deployment tools such as Jenkins and Ansible. It also integrates with Infrastructure as Code tools such as Terraform and SaltStack. Not only that, but you can use OpenStack’s AWS-compatible API to leverage existing investments in AWS CloudFormation and EC2.

We’re focused on providing the environments you need to deliver innovation. That’s why our platforms are designed to ensure they support you and your cloud applications.

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Unparalleled Support.


Open Source

An OpenStack platform that supports government policy to use only open standards and ensure inter-operability. We’re committed to open source tools and actively participate in the open source community to support their development.

No Lock-in

No start-up costs, no minimum contract. You’ll only pay for what you use. Easy to adopt, easy to use, easy to leave. Supporting you should you wish to lift and shift to a different platform or deploy your solution across multiple platforms.

True Self-service

Software-defined services. You control your service via our Customer Portal but we also support programmatic control via exposure to our APIs. Our secure Portal enables you to not only access vCloud Director but to also manage your users access and support requests as well as access daily billing and service information.

Support As Standard

Access to DevOps consultants who will share their code and expertise to help you get started. A support manager to ensure successful implementation. Thereafter a dedicated Technical Account Manager who will act as a single point of contact should you have any queries or service issues. A 24×7 service desk. All this at no extra cost.

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