Cloud GPU allows you to use Graphical Processing Units with UKCloud’s Enterprise Compute Cloud platform. This enables you to meet the specialist requirements of some advanced applications, with the benefits of a cloud environment. We offer Cloud GPU for both Visualisation and Computational workloads.

Cloud GPU: Computational

Our Cloud GPU offering for compute workloads uses Nvidia Tesla P100 GPU accelerators to aid compute-intensive elements of applications. They are ideal for delivering deep learning, analytics or high-performance computing solutions.

Use cases:

Processing large data sets

The significantly improved computational power provided by Cloud GPU means that you can gain insight into your data by using our massively parallelised capabilities to process large data sets.

High-performance computing solutions

Uses parallel processing to help you run advanced application programmes efficiently, reliably and quickly.

Deep learning

The computational power of our GPU allows your machines to learn at a speed, accuracy and scale that drives true artificial intelligence.

Centralise your applications

Cloud GPU allows you to centralised your applications to improve access to them. By doing so, users can access the tools they need from anywhere. Anytime on commodity devices.

Cloud GPU: Visualisation 

For visualisation workloads, we provide an Nvidia M or P Series Card with GRID, which is designed to share virtual GPUs across multiple virtual desktop and application instances. This helps you to deliver graphically intensive applications, such as design software, video streaming and virtualised simulations.

Use cases:

4D canvases

Model and visualise objects in space and time, providing a space to run high-quality simulations on a virtual platform

Automated computer-aided design (CAD)

Allows you to create and model any 3D design with visualisation tools

Bring any application to the cloud

Applications that have previously struggled to transition to the cloud because of GPU requirements can now be moved — improving manageability of your data and applications, while increasing collaborative opportunities.

Visualise data in real-time

Improved visualisation capabilities provided by Cloud GPU lets you visualise data in real-time to render virtualised environments when you need them.


Features and Benefits:

check NVIDIA M60 Series Card with GRID – specifically designed for you to maximise visualisation-based workloads check NVIDIA TESLA P100 – allows you to significantly increase computational workloads with fewer virtual machines
check Massively parallelised capabilities – allows you to process large data sets to improve the speed at which you can gain insight into your data check Easy to manage GPU resource for Enterprise Compute Cloud virtual machines – control your Cloud GPU cards and virtual machines via the same native API or UKCloud portal