UKCloud is an established supplier to the Crown Commercial Service, an executive agency of the Cabinet Office, through the government Digital Marketplace, which is home to the G-Cloud Framework.

The G-Cloud Framework delivers reduced costs and increased agility without compromise

G-Cloud has transformed the way that the UK public sector can buy and use ICT services. Deployments can now take hours rather than months, and simple, standardised call-off contracts can be agreed in similar timeframes. All of this enables better, quicker outcomes for the citizen, at reduced cost, and is helping to grow the economy. Cloud services have a vital role to play in enabling UK public sector organisations to take a more flexible approach to ICT, ultimately allowing increasingly overstretched departments to deliver services in a more agile and cost-effective way.

Through G-Cloud, UKCloud can supply a wide range of cloud services to the UK public sector who in turn will benefit from lower costs, reduced procurement times and a simplified tendering process, without compromising performance or security.

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What does UKCloud offer within G-Cloud?

UKCloud has been a supplier through the Framework since its launch in 2012, offering Infrastructure-as-a-Service, Software-as-a-Service and Platform-as-a-Service solutions. Together with its partners, UKCloud accounts for a significant number of the assured cloud services available through the Framework. Through G-Cloud, UKCloud has been awarded numerous high-profile contracts since its launch, working with organisations such as Government Digital Services, HMRC, MoD and many others.

UKCloud has also signed the government Procurement Pledge. The Procurement Pledge is an agreed understanding between government, potential providers and their representative bodies to formalise a package of radical reforms to transform the UK public sector’s approach to procurement. More information about the Procurement Pledge can be found here.