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Central Government organisations are being challenged to deliver better public services for less cost, and to use technology to increase public sector productivity and efficiency. You’re transforming how you interact with citizens and businesses by delivering services online and to do this you need the right technologies and systems.

Cloud can help. Cloud computing can help you reduce lead times for application development and reduce deployment times. Cloud’s inherent elasticity can help you to respond to fluctuating demand and provide access to extensive computing resources that improve availability, reduce risk and provide greater security. It can also help you move towards a common infrastructure and shared services.

You may need to deliver a new application, designed specifically to be hosted in the cloud. Or you may need to shift legacy applications to the cloud. UKCloud offers a range of solutions to help you do both. Our OpenStack platform provides a truly open source platform that is familiar to developers and meets government requirements for open standards. Our Oracle platform enables you to host Oracle-based services with us and therefore realise the benefits of cloud hosting whilst complying with the stringent licencing and hardware requirements specified by Oracle’s software solutions.

Our assured cloud computing services are dedicated to the UK public sector and offer:




We’re the most connected cloud provider to secure government networks; we’re a certified Public Services Network (PSN) service provider, connected to the RLI and Janet and are also an aggregator for the N3 network.


A proven platform:

We deliver service across all of central government including BEIS, DWP, DVLA, HMRC, Home Office, Ministry of Justice and the others.



You can confidently use our infrastructure to deliver services while protecting citizen data – our services are suitable for all data at OFFICIAL (including OFFICIAL-SENSITIVE) plus as a UK sovereign provider using only UK data centres your data will never leave the UK.



Quicker, easier procurement:

Simple hourly charges, pay only for what you use Through compliant frameworks such as G Cloud, services can be contracted, ordered and set-up in hours or days rather than months.


Unparalled support:

Extensive customer support provided at no extra cost; we’ll help you specify, implement and optimise your solution. You’ll also have single point of contact should you have any queries or service issues as well as access to a 24×7 service desk.


Adherence to government policies:

By implementing a cloud solution you’ll be in-line with initiatives such as Cloud First plus the drastically reduced procurement and deployment times offered by cloud can support you as you migrate services online in-line with ‘digital by default’ standards.



Cost efficiency:

Simple hourly charges, pay only for what you use.


Our combination of solutions focused on UK Public Sector requirements and unbeatable pricing combined with exceptional compliance, service performance and support credentials can help you successfully deliver digital transformation as you strive to deliver better service to citizens for less.

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