Interview Tips

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Be prepared!

There is no correct answer to what makes a great candidate, however based on what we look for and our experience, here’s some tips to help you prepare.

What’s useful to know?

Learn about UKCloud. Start with our website, then see what we are talking about on social media.

Show you’ve done your homework

Prepare specific questions based on the job description and the information you have gained by reading about us. Everyone can read a website, but what are you interested to know? Examples could include expectations, the team, etc. Make some notes and bring them with you to the interview.

Show us the real you at the interview

Make sure your CV and covering letter reflect your background, your experience and achievements to date. As a student, you may not think you have worked however we look for what you have done within your studies (such as team projects), through to your hobbies (building your own PC, customer service experience, etc).

Prepare several different examples from your experience, describing the way you have managed to deliver measurable results and demonstrated relevant competencies.

You can use the STAR model (Situation – Objective/Task – Action – Result + Learning) when explaining your examples in the interview.

Good answers are only one part of interview success. We want to ensure you will be successful when joining us so being prepared really does pay off.

On the day of the interview

After the interview

After the interview, our Recruitment team will follow up with you. The most important step you can take is to thank us for taking the time to meet with you and to reiterate your interest in the position, and of course ask if you have any further questions!