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G-Cloud Buyers Guide

CCS Overview and guide to buying from G-Cloud 9.
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partner series data privacy

Data privacy security

Five things you need to know.
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securing public sector business

Securing public sector business

Meeting public sector IT buyers’
security requirements
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Selling IT to the
public sector

The size of the prize and how to win it
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Health & Life Sciences

Expert care for health and life sciences ICT

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UK Defence

Critical services for a critical service

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Cloud GPU

Cloud GPU allows you to use Graphical Processing Units with UKCloud’s Enterprise Compute Cloud platform. This enables you to meet the specialist requirements of some advanced applications, with the benefits of a cloud environment. We offer Cloud GPU for both Visualisation and Computational workloads.
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Assured Sovereign Azure Stack (AS2)

Imagine the agility and innovation of the Microsoft Azure public cloud platform, available from a specialist UK owned and operated multi-cloud environment that is hosted in government-grade data centres.
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Cloud Native Infrastructure

Powered by OpenStack®, UKCloud’s Cloud Native Infrastructure provides a
full suite of modern, highly scalable and flexible IaaS services that address the needs of DevOps and WebOps communities. Using the ease and openness that OpenStack provides, Digital by Default services and solutions can be delivered on an assured hyperscale cloud platform.
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Email and Collaboration as a Service

Email and Collaboration as a Service provides a range of productivity tools, such as email and calendaring, that help your organisation’s end users work securely, efficiently and effectively. The service includes a range of popular applications, accessible via mobile and desktop devices. It also includes secure file sharing functionality for managing and sharing documents and information within project teams.
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Enterprise Compute Cloud for Oracle

Enterprise Compute Cloud for Oracle is designed for Oracle, providing a configurable self-service Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) platform powered by Oracle VM (OVM) technology, that fully complies with the compatibility and licensing requirements of Oracle-based enterprise applications.
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Enterprise Compute Cloud

Unlike cloud-native applications, enterprise applications were designed in the age of virtualisation and traditional hosting. These workloads support a wide variety of business processes: from back-office systems (such as payroll) to line-of-business applications (such as case management). Some enterprise applications have particular requirements in relation to resilience, assurance, and connectivity to legacy systems and secure communities of users.
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datasheet basic managed vm

Basic Managed VM

UKCloud offers compute resources as an unmanaged service. These means that, although we manage the underlying Infrastructure, we don’t manage tasks such as operating system patching, antivirus definition updates and virtual machine (VM) monitoring and rebooting. Although the majority of customers perform these actions themselves, we offer the Basic Managed VM service for customers who don’t have the time, resources or experience to manage their VMs.
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Cloud Native Application Platform

UKCloud’s Cloud Native Application Platform helps organisations develop,
deploy, and manage existing and container-based applications seamlessly
across local physical or virtual environments, with full portability to and from
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Secure Remote Access

The UKCloud Secure Remote Access service enables customers to securely connect to the UKCloud Elevated OFFICIAL (formerly IL3) cloud platform using NCSC-approved internet virtual private network (VPN) technologies and the ‘walled garden’ architectural pattern using bastion hosts).
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Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage from UKCloud is a secure and highly adaptable storage service designed to address a wide variety of use cases. As an object storage platform, it is natively optimised for cloud storage in terms of scale, resilience and accessibility.

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compute intensive infrastructure datasheet

Compute Intensive Infrastructure

The inherent scale and elasticity of cloud makes it an ideal environment for large- scale compute-intensive workloads such as Grid Engines, High Performance/ Throughput Compute (HPC/HTC) and Massively Parallel Processing (MPP), some of which have an enduring requirement for large amounts of processor cores and memory.
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UKCloud connectivity options

UKCloud is one of the best connected clouds for the UK public sector. We offer a range of flexible connectivity options that will help to fully enable your cloud solution.
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Cross Domain Security Zone

The UKCloud Cross Domain Security Zone (CDSZ) enables secure data transfer between the UKCloud Assured OFFICIAL (formerly PGA IL2) cloud platform and the UKCloud Elevated OFFICIAL (formerly PGA IL3) cloud platform, using NCSC- approved cross domain security patterns.
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Customer Engagement

UKCloud provides a true public cloud for the exclusive use of UK public sector organisations. We help our customers gain real value from the agility and cost savings associated with using a sovereign, assured cloud platform.
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Disaster Recovery to the Cloud

UKCloud has designed and deployed a highly resilient, highly available and secure cloud architecture.  It is important to consider what plans you have in place if storage or compute resources become unavailable, connectivity is lost or if the application become unresponsive.
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Hadoop datasheet

Hadoop in the Cloud

Hadoop in the Cloud is UKCloud’s big data platform built on a dedicated and optimised infrastructure within UKCloud’s secure, assured environments.
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private cloud compute datasheet

Private Cloud – Compute

Our Private Cloud – Compute product provides single-tenant Compute as a Service, where your compute needs are hosted either in one of our data centres, to gain the benefits of our Assured and Elevated cloud platforms; or in your Crown Hosting Data Centre (CHDC).
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Journaling Protection– (Powered by Zerto)

Journaling Protection (powered by Zerto) is a powerful, self-service replication and recovery tool that can improve organisational resilience and enable seamless migration of applications between Zerto-enabled platforms.
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Private Cloud storage datasheet

Private Cloud – Storage

Our Private Cloud – Storage product provides single-tenant storage Infrastructure as a Service. Your data is hosted in one of our UK data centres, to gain the benefits of our mature and proven Assured and Elevated cloud platforms; or in your Crown Hosting Data Centre (CHDC).
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