Why we need Brexit Exemplars for Service Transformation (BEST)

Bill Mew explains why Brexit is an opportunity for transformation that we must do our BEST to grasp. Real transformation is hard to achieve as resistance is typically widespread. Sometimes external factors can provide a brief but unique opportunity for change, as was the case when 25 exemplar projects were used by a coalition government   Read more

Women in STEM: The importance of diversity and inclusivity

At UKCloud we believe in challenging everything, including the way we work. Orthodoxy is not in our vocabulary! We encourage healthy debate, not restricted by a job title, age or gender. We encourage innovation at every level and are committed to giving every single person in our team the opportunity to contribute. Our success is   Read more

A review of the “Minimum Cyber Security Standard” (MCSS)

At the end of June, the Cabinet Office (in collaboration with the National Cyber Security Centre) published the “Minimum Cyber Security Standard” (MCSS), clearly communicating the minimum set of cyber security controls expected of UK Government departments. The aim is to ensure that the nation’s information, technology and digital services are being properly protected in   Read more

The benefits of diversity as a tech SME

Many believe that diverse workforces are a concern of large companies, and that diversity is too hard to create in small tech SMEs, but as a company grows and disrupts new markets, a diverse workforce can bring a wealth of benefits. UKCloud is proud to support the advance of diversity in technology, and recently sponsored   Read more

Can you achieve diversity and equality as a SME?

Diversity, equality, STEM education and the shortage of digital skills continues to be publicly reported. Here’s just a few statistics: In a CIPD report (2017), Dame Baroness Ruby McGregor-Smith said, “Every person should be able to fulfil their potential at work, regardless of their background identity or circumstance.”  Going on to say that Black and   Read more

The Reality of GDPR

At long last, GDPR finally arrived on Friday 25th May, delivered within the UK Data Protection Act 2018. It’s a little strange to note that some organisations have communicated that it’s “job done” and that they have met their deadline, at a time when responsible organisations have maintained their focus and are actively transitioning from   Read more

What can an unconference do for you?

New staff bring new ideas. However, it can take months and even years for staff to meaningfully voice their innovations. Bureaucracy can prevent an organisation from becoming ‘modern’ – but there are ways in which this can be avoided, and an unconference is one of them. An unconference is a new type of conference. The   Read more

Why G-Cloud 10 is relevant to the partner community

G-Cloud is part of our ‘DNA’ at UKCloud. We saw the enormous potential of the game-changing nature of G-Cloud from the start and we’ve been an outspoken champion and key player ever since. We believe G-Cloud is still as relevant and necessary now as it was when it first started 6 years ago. With G-Cloud   Read more

The What and How of Going Cloud Native

In my previous article, I discussed the ‘why’ behind going cloud native. Looking at the reasons why enterprises need to look at cloud native as a key enabler in driving forward their digital transformation, as well as getting fit for increasingly challenging market drivers. This article will focus on the ‘what’ and ‘how’ of going   Read more

Understanding the ‘why’ behind cloud native architecture

During my time at UKCloud I have had the benefit of seeing actual on the ground market trends in our partner and direct customer base. I get to see exactly where a customer or partner are in their cloud journey and this helps me to begin to understand the challenges they are facing. This inspired me to express my views and   Read more