Utilising Cloud to improve patient experience in healthcare

You may have thought that changing GP practices would be a relativity straight forward process, this article takes a look at my own personal experience – and how that wasn’t quite true. This led me to reflect on why the process is so slow, inefficient and difficult to complete. To begin with I looked online   Read more

Spectre & Meltdown – Know Your Neighbour

The principle of encryption in Cloud is that no matter how good the encryption you are running is, you have to trust the person running your server. When an application starts it loads the keys required to encrypt and decrypt data (as well as other sensitive security information) into memory. Therefore, the owner of the   Read more

The Egress Has Landed

“Doing battle with Cloud’s evil contracts and hostile hidden costs” Such is the speed with which some organisations are seeking to move away from old-world tech with the inherent inflexibility and cost of legacy systems and large contracts, to a new cloud-based Nirvana with flexibility and choice for all, that they are oblivious to the   Read more

Ansible and Azure Stack deep dive

Following on from a post where we explored the complications with devOps on Azure Stack we are doing some deep dives into the tools we have looked at. Each post will take the same structure; some sample code working against Azure to provision a simple resource and break down of attempting to get it working   Read more

How to build an OpenShift application from a private Github repo

This guide assumes you have access to the command-line “oc” client, and have logged in to your OpenShift instance with “oc login“   With a private Github repo, you want to ensure it stays hidden from prying eyes, but you also want your OpenShift app to be able to build from the repo. The way   Read more

devOps tools and Azure Stack

Microsoft’s vision describes Azure Stack as an extension to Azure. The mantra being, bring your code for building on Azure and replay it against Azure Stack to get a seamless cloud experience. Thus, boosting operational effectiveness where public cloud is not the right fit. As a provider dedicated to bringing specialist cloud services to the   Read more

2018 – As cloud comes of age, customer centricity becomes key

Cloud computing has become so pervasive that, despite still being a relatively new evolution, it is now seen as central to so many other areas of innovation. Sensors, cameras and other devices (often collectively referred to as the Internet of Things or IoT) feed vast volumes of data into systems in the cloud. Here, big   Read more

Our Top 5 Blogs of 2017

As 2017 draws to a close, we wanted to take a look back at our most read blogs of the year. From women in STEM, to looking at global cloud domination – find out what our top articles of the year were. Backend as a service – Driving business value In this article we took   Read more

Azure Stack multi-tenant setup for service providers

It is fair to say Microsoft have been working hard to allow Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) to enable multi-tenancy within Azure Stack. When we first started the process we had to email a list of users we wished to register against our Azure Stack which took approximately 8 hours. This occurred every time we wanted   Read more

How Brexit could be an opportunity as well as a challenge for the UK public sector

Think Digital recently sat down with our Chief Digital Officer and central government IT veteran Iain Patterson to get a sense of how he sees GDPR, leaving the EU and the return of transformation changing all our lives next year. Who are you? Iain Patterson, Chief Digital Officer at UKCloud. How long have you been in   Read more