Partner Case Study: Cinos

Providing 5-star patient care

An NHS Trust committed to providing 5-star patient care wanted to implement more innovations to improve services and practices. There were two key areas where the introduction of online video consultations would improve the patient experience, use clinical time more efficiently and effectively release bed space.  In partnership with UKCloud Health, Cinos leveraged the best of breed voice and video communication technology to deliver a solution where patients and Trust staff could connect quickly and easily without being in the same room using a number of different devices; including Cisco DX Series touchscreen devices and laptops, PCs, tablets or smartphones. Patients can easily log in to the service via a web portal or through smartphone and tablet applications and once logged in, with a few simple commands the patient can talk to a doctor or nurse, face-to-face, without the need to physically travel to the hospital.

The solution provided by Cinos resulted in:

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